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  • Data Verify Failures

    I have a compactPCI system that consists of a board that contains a DVD/RW drive and a hard disk drive. There is a SATA controller on the board that interfaces with the DVD and hard disk drive. The SATA controller's PCI interface is connected to a PCI-to-PCI bridge device. The board interfaces with a host CPU in a chassis. We have six of these boards in a single chassis that interface with the host CPU.

    We perform Passmark BurnIn test on the boards that contain the DVD/RW and hard disk drive. Therefore, we are testing six DVD/RW drives (Read Only Test) and six hard disk drives (Read and Write tests) at the same time.

    During Passmark BurnIn testing, after a period of time we start to get Data Verify Failures on the hard disk drives in the system. Is there any way to isolate these failures to determine why and where the failures are occurring?

    Any suggestions on what we should do to debug this issue? Has anyone seen this before?

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    The error means that the data read from the drive doesn't match the data written to the drive. A fairly serious error for a hard drive.

    I would start by swapping the drives and see if that fixes the problem. If you don't have any spare hard drives, then try rotating the position of the drives to see if the problem moves with the drive or if the problem stays with the SATA link.