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    Normally you would not want to ignore test errors, but investigate and resolve them.

    It is not possible to raise serial port test errors after a certain number of errors. You can change the severity of a test error in BITErrorClassification.txt to: CRITICAL, SERIOUS, WARNING, INFORMATION or NONE.


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      Hi Ian,

      is there meanwhile any option to script the cpu affinity? Something like "SETCPU 0 Core 1" ?

      While i was searching in the documentation for a solution i found a mistake at page 158:
      "# Set the CPU test to medium load"
      That should be "SETDUTYCYCLE CPU" or not?

      Ok, Next Point: While i was testing with the network script parameters, i have found out that i can't make a test just for ETH2. So if i wan't to test ETH2 i MUST test ETH1 too. But in some cases, ETH1 is not available. Is there any way in future to select the ports individually?
      Best Regards,


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        No, the CPU affinity options can't be scripted (you would need to set these in a config file and load the config).

        For the network scripting, no it isn't possible to select individual cards for testing but the SETNETWORK ALL ETHERNET command will test the ports that are available and enabled on the system.

        Thanks for pointing out the help typo, this will be fixed in the next release.


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          Hi there, me again.

          At the moment im creating a new PE-based testsystem for our company.
          The current system is batch based, now i want it to look a bit more professional, so i've wrote some hta-files.

          My current problem is the scripting of the Posttest. I've tried to run an HTA as posttest, but it seems like Burnintest can't run HTAs as posttest application. So the only way at the moment to get the post-hta started is to run a batchfile which will call the hta.
          Do you have any idea why i can't launch the hta? Are only cmd, bat , exe files allowed?

          Here the error message: "Tests Passed. There was an error while launching the Post-test external application. Check the path and file name entered in the preferenes window are correct"
          I've double checked the path and file name. And if is call the file with a batch, it works. So i guess the "hta" extension isn't recognized by the BurnInTest as an executable programm.

          Greetings from Austria,



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            I work for a computer company that custom builds rugged servers for military applictations. I have like 60 different config files to choose from. Is it possible to run a script giving you the option to choose from a list off config files. This would help me out so much any help would be appreciated


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              RSKS240, this should be possible in Python or even DOS.
              Try Googling, Create DOS Menu to Execute Commands