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When is CPU Speed measured? Bitpro 6.0.1019

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  • When is CPU Speed measured? Bitpro 6.0.1019

    Sorry if this is common knowledge, but I'm trying to figure out WHEN the 'measured cpu speed' is actually measured. At start up of BIT? During testing? Max/Min over the course of the run? etc

    I ask because I need to find out the max speed the CPU can reach, but as it can self-throttle I'm worried passmark will report the throttled down speed rather then it's full capable speed if it jsut reports at start-up. Unforunately changing the BIOS setting to disable the self-throttling is not an option.

    Any help is appreciated

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    It is measured when BurnInTest is started. BurnInTest places load on the CPU and then measures the CPU speed. So the reported speed should be the maximum.


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      Many thanks for the info and speedy reply I figured it was at the start but wasn't aware of the pre-loading.