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Win 7 64 Crashes randomly to black screen

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  • Win 7 64 Crashes randomly to black screen

    While running the 64 bit version of BurnInPro, at random times the screen goes black, the rest of the system is then completely unresponsive.
    System specs
    Intel i5 750
    2G DDRIII 1333
    Nvidia GT240
    Seagate 500Gb
    Intel DH55TC main board
    Thermaltake 430W PSU

    Ram, CPU, Video card, Main board & PSU have all been swapped out for new gear, but stall have the same result.
    Also tried a reload of the OS on another drive.
    windows event viewer does not even register a fault, except when the power is switched of and the system is restarted, the only way to get the system runnning after the crash.

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    Try running one test at a time to isolate the problem. e.g. just the RAM test, then just the 3D test, etc..


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      had same issue on different system

      I have had the issue again on a different system with the screen going blank & locking up. I have tracked it down to when video is selected in the tests, i have also notice that it seems to only happen with the 200 series Nvidia Vidoe cards (A GT210 this time). This happened on a fresh copy of XP 32 bit. This happens at random time intervals


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        Try updating the video card device drivers and DirectX.

        Installing XP Service Pack 3 should get you to DirectX9.0c.

        They try the Microsoft, DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.