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  • Error on startup

    I'm using BiT v6.0 Pro on Windows XP, but with a special installation: the software has been installed on a USB key and is runned from the key.

    On some computers, I don't have any problem to do so, but with some others, I've an error message on startup before it crash

    Error message is:
    Error during startup. A problem has occured with your installation. You may need to uninstall and reinstall the software. Contact for support. Startup error number 1

    It is not a directx issue, I tried to launch with bit.exe -x and I got the same message.

    Any idea of what can be wrong ?


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    Please ensure you are using the latest version of BurnInTest Professional, V6.0.1012 and that there is a "key.dat" file in the BurnInTest directory on the USB drive and that this contains your key.

    Also, does BurnInTest really crash with an error saying so, or does it just exit because of the above installation related problem.

    If this does not help, please let me know and I will investigate further.



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      Thanks for your answer. I'm running build 1011, which is the one I found on the download page (how can I get 1012 ?)

      It appears I didn't have the key.dat on the usb key. Don't know why it was working on some computer, but now it works for all I tried


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        I assume the computers it worked on, had had BurnInTest installed with a license key.

        To install BurnInTest on a USB drive we recommend using the option:
        File-> Install BurnInTest to a USB drive
        as this ensures all of the required files are on the USB drive.