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Hard Drive and Sound test Errors in BurnIn 6.0 Pro

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  • Hard Drive and Sound test Errors in BurnIn 6.0 Pro

    I built a brand new PC - Win XP Pro with Phenom II and 4GB Corsair RAM and single hard drive, DVD/CDR drive and Radeon HD4770

    When i run the default test in BurnIn 6.0 to test all devices at once I get errors on hard drive and sound test.

    HDD = Seagate 7200.12 ST3500418AS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb and the error i get is " no free memory or buffer"

    I looked up the help in BurnIn and the description of why its coming up doesnt help me. Its a brand new hard drive and why would it be failing on memory buffer? Is the 16MB cache for hdd too small???

    Also on the sound test - i dont know why its erroring out on sound saying "could not open midi sequencer or midi file"

    It plays sound test file fine for like 1 cycle and then next cycle it errors and plays ok in next n so forth. The speakers work fine however and sound plays fine on every other cycle of the test

    Do i need to tweak the test settings? Its fresh copy of Win XP and i havent tweaked any settings yet.

    Please help on any ideas why this is happening


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    This is almost certianly not an error with the hard drive, but an error indicating that there is not enough available memory to run the test. I suspect the midi error is related.

    Which version/build of BurnInTest do you have?

    I would start by checking you have the latest version/build of BurnInTest (V6.0.1009).