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Missing HDD Info. under WinPE Despite Changes

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  • Missing HDD Info. under WinPE Despite Changes

    According to the readme, the new BurnInTest Pro v6.0 build (1009) reports to now include the hard drive disk information under WinPE.

    However, in my experience with the Vista-based WinPE, this isn't working. Instead, the disk volumes and disk drives portion of the system information is always blank despite it being able to test the drive and its volumes.

    Please look into this problem then, let me know what you find out, and thanks in advance.

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    I tested this with Vista based WinPE. The volume section was already working, it was the physical hard disk section that was blank. In V6.0.1009 we introduced a new mechanism to detect some physical hard drive information specifically for WinPE.

    You need to include the WMI package. Did you see/follow our WinPE installation document that describees the build process we tested?

    If this all looks OK, can you email us startup debug trace file (*.trace) by starting BurnInTest with the "-u" command line parameter?



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      No, I hadn't added the WMI package and wasn't aware of this WinPE writeup and, so that makes sense then and will give it another try. Thanks Ian.