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  • 3D Video Testing

    I am testing a ATI HD4850 w/h the latest drivers (9.4) and the latest build of BIT. To view the stress on the vc I enable the Overdrive feature in CCC but I am not changing any settings. I opened 4 windows at 800x600 (the most due to cpu maxing out) and the vc is only being stressed 30%. Now when I run FurMark v1.6.5 at 640x480 in stability mode the vc is being used 75%. I think it has to do with what my questions are about below and if you could please tell me if these will be in future versions of BIT.

    (I noticed that most or all of these are in your PT software but I dont understand why they might not be included in your BIT software as well)

    DirectX 10.x?
    Currect vertex + pixel shaders?
    Current hardware t+l?
    CrossFire and SLI?
    Enhanced AA +AF?

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    It would not be easy to have a 3D test that maxed out all models of video cards, regardless of the CPU in the machine, and we wanted BurnInTest to be as compatible as possible with all the hardware that is out there.

    Crossfire and SLI are for the most part controlled by the device driver. DirectX 10 support is hard to add to an application that already uses DX9, and need to remain compatible with old hardware. (It is easier to do in a stand alone application, but which would then fail to run on most of the hardware out there).

    I think the real issue is that the 3D test is putting a higher load on the CPU than ideally it would be. Increasing the window size might help with that however, as larger windows don't add to the CPU time, but should add to the GPU time.

    We will have a look at the CPU/GPU load ratio for the next point release and see if we can get more load on to the GPU.


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      We have released a new public build of BurnInTest Pro, V6.0.1008, that includes improvements to the GPU load with the 3D test. With high-end GPUs and a high BurnInTest 3D test duty cycle setting (e.g. 100%), the CPU can become CPU bound which limits the load on the GPU, this has been improved and the GPU load is now higher on these high-end GPUs.