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Running multiple PassMark applications ?

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  • Running multiple PassMark applications ?


    I have successfully tried running BurnInTest with a full test suite in one application launch and then launched a 2nd PassMark App under Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and ran just the CPU test as an experiment and it works, with 4 CPU's (2 physical Xeon's + 2 Logical Xeon's) running at 100% utilization via Windows Task Manager.

    1. Is this supported and OK to run multiple instances of PassMark on 1 system?
    2. How many can be run at a time ?
    3. I need to run 8-10 Network tests at the same time, so can I run say the max of 6 network test using one PassMark app, and 2-4 more Network test by launching a 2nd PassMark App ?
    4. Any other restrictions, limitations, gotchas that I need to aware of based on your experience & knowledge ?

    Thanks again, Bill

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    We don't really support running multiple instances of BurnInTest at the same time (and there should be no need as BurnInTest multi-threaded to start with). I think there would be some potential conflicts if you run multiple instances. e.g. locked files and I/O ports.

    We do support running BurnInTest and our other software at the same time however, if that is what you are doing.