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BurnInTest 6.0 network & sound timeout errors

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  • BurnInTest 6.0 network & sound timeout errors

    Would you please advise the number of error times which can be accept or ignore.

    Running BurnInTest 5.3 ver1036=>pass

    Running BurnInTest 6.0 ver1007=>appear error
    Network => timeout waiting for packet ----------------1~2 times
    Sound=>no operations reported in timeout period----1 times

    Are network & sound timeout serious problem ?

    Or minor problem and can be accept or ignore within 5 %.

    Can you provide the standard to give us reference?

    Thanks you a lot.

    Remark: All setting of BurnInTest use default.

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    Missing a few network packets isn't that bad. Especially if the device you are testing against isn't directly connected to the machine under test. (e.g you are connected to the remote machine through several layers of switching).

    The sound problem is potentially more serious. "No operations" probalby means the sound test, or sound device driver, has crashed under load. But if it only crashes under extreme conditions (like running out of RAM) then this isn't so bad as it won't manifest itself very often in typical use of the machine.


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      how many oercentage can be ignored

      Can you tell us how many percentage can be ignored.

      1% 2% 3% 4% 5%.....etc.

      thank you a lot.


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        It is up to you what you consider serious. It will depend on how the PC is being used. For example, sound problems on a web server don't really matter.