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Burn in Test 6.0 bld 1007

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  • Burn in Test 6.0 bld 1007

    I am running on a Dell G1 with UBCD4W. i put an plugin for Burnin test 6.0 Build 1007. The UBCD4W is same as Bart Pe.

    The Burnin Test comes up just fine and all other devices are there Except the Raw hard drive.

    I can see the drive in windows disk mananger.

    if i create a partition and format it then Burnin Test will see the drive. could i be missing some driver. it is a IDE drive.

    Thank you for your help in the past.

    Jim Hoopes

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    We have not done any testing with UBCD4W. I had to Google it before I found out you are talking about, "Ultimate Boot CD for Windows".

    We are planning to do some work with WinPE next week, so if we get time we'll also have a look at UBCD4W.

    I am not aware of any specific drivers for RAW disk access. But you will need admin access.