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BurnInTest 6.0 issues on Windows Vista 64-bit

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  • BurnInTest 6.0 issues on Windows Vista 64-bit

    PassMark Rep,

    First - how do I turn on the attachments feature, it is disabled here and help
    page does not help me out ?
    Then I can attache screen shots of errors instead of typing these long
    emails ... Thanks

    I am running with a SuperMicro X6DHE-XG2 motherboard installed with a new fresh copy of Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and the new BurinInTest 6.0 64-bit and cannot seam to solve 3 main issues:

    1. The Network test fails consistently for:
    "No permission to open RAW network socket"
    I have read your FAQ's, and the web and made an Administrator account
    and that still does not fix the problem. I made a 2nd user, made it Admin
    with password and same error.
    Per Microsoft website here is what they say regarding this issue:

    In earlier versions of Windows, access for raw sockets is enforced during other socket operations. Limitations on Raw Sockets

    On Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows Vista, the ability to send traffic over raw sockets has been restricted in several ways:

    • TCP data cannot be sent over raw sockets.
    • UDP datagrams with an invalid source address cannot be sent over raw sockets. The IP source address for any outgoing UDP datagram must exist on a network interface or the datagram is dropped. This change was made to limit the ability of malicious code to create distributed denial-of-service attacks and limits the ability to send spoofed packets (TCP/IP packets with a forged source IP address).
    • A call to the bind function with a raw socket is not allowed.

    These above restrictions do not apply to Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 or to versions of the operating system earlier than Windows XP with SP2.

    Note The Microsoft implementation of TCP/IP on Windows is capable of opening a raw UDP or TCP socket based on the above restrictions. But other Winsock providers may not support the use of raw sockets.
    There are further limitations for applications that use a socket of type SOCK_RAW. For example, all applications listening for a specific protocol will receive all packets received for this protocol. This may not be what is desired for multiple applications using a protocol. This is also not suitable for high-performance applications. To get around these issues, it may be required to write a Windows network protocol driver (device driver) for the specific network protocol. This requires a Transport Driver Interface (TDI) provider and a Winsock helper DLL be written to support the network protocol. The network protocol would then be added to the Winsock catalog as a supported protocol. This allows multiple applications to open sockets for this specific protocol and the device driver can keep track of which socket receives specific packets and errors. For information on writing a network protocol provider, see the sections on TDI in the Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

    2. The 2D Graphics test fails consistently for:
    "Hardware-Only DirectDraw object creation not possible"
    Is this an Admin type config error as well ?
    I noticed that PassMark installed DirectX during the initial installation.
    Microsoft's website recommends using Direct3D for Vista ?

    3. The 3D Graphics test fails consistently for:
    "Error Initializing DirectX Device"
    I thought PassMark installs and confures this feature ?

    Thanks for all of your help .....

    I am working with a hot new Customer, and need to get my test bundle up and running

  • #2 do I turn on the attachments feature
    You can't. You can either E-Mail us attachments or link to images hosted on your own server. There are too many problems of spam, porn, and bandwidth if we let people upload images to our server.

    The other issues raised appear to identical to those already raised in your other post.