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BurnInTest 6.0 Network testing setup

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  • BurnInTest 6.0 Network testing setup


    I have a computer with 2 internal motherboard NIC ports, and a 4 port NIC adapter card which I want to run loopback tests on each port.
    Do I simply put the same IP address in Network Address 1, 2 for the motherboard ports, and then add the same IP address in Network Address 3, 4, 5, 6 for the NIC adapter card and then check them as active? How do I know each port is being tested?
    How do I know which port is which?

    Also, can I use network loopback cables and connect these ports together
    to make an external loopback ?
    Example, hook a network loopback cable between adapter ports 3 & 4, and
    another cable between 5 & 6.
    Would I set this card up using all 4 addresses or just 2 ??

    Thanks, Bill

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    Address, is the internal loopback address. Using this doesn't allow for a very good test of the hardware. You really need to test against a real external device (e.g. another computer on the same LAN).

    See the User Guide for additional details.

    Using multiple cross over cables might work, but I don't think we ever tested this ourselves. We always use an 2nd computer.