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BSOD when running 3D test

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  • BSOD when running 3D test

    Getting random blue screen. I ran a Burnintest on the machine and all tests pass except the 3D test. If I leave off the 3D test everythings passes fine. If I just run the 3D test only it still crashes. It crashes within about 10 seconds of starting the 3D test. The STOP error always has the same first parameter which is 0x0000008E. The remaining parameters vary. Sometimes it also references an xgfx file which is the display driver. Sometimes no driver is referenced but the first parameter is always the same. Ive reloaded windows completely and it still does it. It uses an onboard Intel based video adapter. Any idea what it could be other than a bad video adapter?

    Thanks in advance,

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    It might be this known 0x0000008E problem which seems to be a bug in the pci.sys device driver. Or it might be a bug of a similar nature in the video card device driver. You would need to collect the other blue screen details to have a better idea.

    Needless to say, you should try updating the video card device driver.