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  • Testing Industrial PC


    We are a Transportation society in italy, especially in South Tirol Near Austria.
    We manage the local transport whith the use of industrial PC from the Vortex line.
    We got a lot of problems whith our furnisher, because they always want a deep testing of the machines.

    Your Burn in Test program would be great, but there is a problem, we use 422 serial ports instead of 232 ports. And as i could see your program only tests the 232 ports.

    Would it be possible to make a modify to get the 422 ports in test whith your Burn In Test?

    On board of the Vortex PC we use a PMM ( Power Management Module) that is responsable for the PC power, and even whith that we have a lot of problems. Could it be possible to make a testing module even for that?

    Thank you for your listening.

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    We don't supply RS422 test plugs, but we have other customers that use a RS232 to 422 converter with the serial loop back plugs.