Why did versions jump from V2/V3 to V10 for the iOS/Android release and how does this effect the results?

Yes, we skipped some version numbers...PerformanceTest Mobile V10 were updated to run the same CPU Test Suite as the as found in the Windows version of PerformanceTest. The CPU Mark can now be used to compare directly with the other CPUs on PassMark's CPU Benchmark website.

Only the CPU Test Suite was changed in PerformanceTest Mobile for Android/iOS V10, we made the CPU Test Suite the same that can be found in Window's PerformanceTest V10. we added the Physics Test, added the Extended Instructions Test and updated/optimized the Encryption and Compression Test to match. The test modifiers were also changed to match those of PerformanceTest V10 so we can get a comparable CPU Mark across all platforms.

The results we are collecting and will be publishing online for the CPU Mark will be from V10. Concerning the Mobile PassMark score, the CPU Mark will be scaled (calculated from average of collection of devices we tested on) before calculating the Mobile PassMark score. The Mobile PassMark score should be similar to the previous version of PerformanceTest Mobile (but we do expect there to be slight differences as tests were modified).

Android Specific: The "Calculate V3 CPU Mark" option that is in the app is for personal/visual only, it uses the old formula without the new tests (but with the optimization to other CPU tests).