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Why isn't my License Key Working?

Both the User Name and Registration Key must be correctly entered before the software turns itself into the registered version. See this step by step guide for help.

Keys from V8.0 of BurnInTest will work in V8.0 of BurnInTest.
Keys from V7 of BurnInTest will work in V7.0 and V7.1 of BurnInTest.
Keys from V6.0 of BurnInTest will work in V6.0 of BurnInTest.
Keys from V5.0 of BurnInTest will work in V5.0, V5.1, V5.2 & V5.3 of BurnInTest.
Keys from the 32bit version of BurnInTest will work in the 64bit edition of BurnInTest.
Keys from BurnInTest V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6 & V7 will not work in BurnInTest V8. But you can upgrade.
Keys from BurnInTest Standard edition will not work in BurnInTest Professional edition.
Keys from BurnInTest for Linux will not work in BurnInTest for Windows.

If you purchased BurnInTest V7 within 6 months of BurnInTest V8.0 being released you are entitled to a free upgrade to BurnInTest V8.0. You can request a new key from the BurnInTest free upgrade page.

How Many Licenses Will I Need?

You need 1 license per machine that is running the software, or has the software installed at the same time.

Example 1: You have a PC production line that produces 10 machines per day. You test each machine during the night. So a maximum of 10 machines are running the software at any one time, and you re-image the machine before shipping. 10 Licenses are required.

Example 2: You are a company that takes delivery of no more than two new machines at a time. You want to burn in both machines at the same time. 2 licenses are required, assuming you uninstall the software before putting the machine into service.

Example 3: You have 5 staff in the field repairing PC's. Each technician carries a copy of BurnInTest with them on a USB drive. 5 licenses are required assuming the software is always run from the USB drive.

I've lost my Registration Key, how can I get it back?

Mail us at Click to send mail (JavaScript required) telling us the name that was used to register the software, your E-mail address, the name of the product (BurnInTest), and roughly the date when the software was purchased. We will mail your key back out to you.

I have a License Startup Error, what does this mean?

"License key has either an invalid User Name or User ID Number"

Your license key is incorrect or the format is incorrect. Please check the username/key from the email you received and check that it is for the specific version of BurnInTest that you purchased, e.g. BurnInTest V6.x Professional.

"Startup Error Number 1"

BurnInTest can't find the license information. When running from a CD, USB drive, BartPE or WinPE, you need a file called key.dat in the BurnInTest directory with your license key in it (or the evaluation equivalent). You should create your BurnInTest directory using, File -> Install BurnInTest to a USB drive, as this process creates this necessary files for the CD, USB drive, BartPE plugin directory or WinPE Program Files directory. The key.dat file must not have blank lines contained in it. See help topics: Test automation and productivity, Installing BurnInTest to a USB drive.

"Startup Error Number 7"

The license key is for other PassMark software, but not the version of BurnInTest v8.0 you are trying to use. If you have purchased BurnInTest Standard, please make sure you downloaded BurnInTest standard ( If you have purchased BurnInTest Professional, please make sure you download BurnInTest Professional

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