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Thread: 16KB performance test

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    Exclamation 16KB performance test

    I am trying to run performance test with 16KB packet size.
    No throughput available.
    When i change to 4 or 8 KB packets - it works fine.

    I have tried with wireless cards from different vendors.
    any suggestions?

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    I guess you are using the block size in the advanced network test. (and not the MTU size or jumbo packet sizes, or any other TCP/IP setting).

    As an experiment. Did you try an swap the client and server roles? Did you try a block size between 8KB and 16KB? Is there any error message with 16KB block sizes? Are you using TCP or UDP? Are you testing against a machine connected to the same router, or across the internet, or some other network? Are they another problems you have noticed with network activities from other applications? Is there the possibility that you can repeat the test with a cable connection?

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