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Thread: WirelessMon and WRT54G (running dd-wrt)

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    Default WirelessMon and WRT54G (running dd-wrt)

    I need a tool to help point a dish for 1/2 LOS link.

    Can Wireless Mon work with a WRT54G (running dd-wrt)?

    Also, current levels (from site survey tool in router) seem to be in the -80 (or lower) range. Where do they need to be?

    Thanks to all who take their time to reply.


    P.S. If WirelessMon isn't the right tool, does anyone know what might be?
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    WirelessMon can work with any 802.11 wireless network. It doesn't run on a router, but runs on your PC, so can work with any WiFi router that complies with the standards.

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