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Thread: CPU Name confusion - Celeron SU2300

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    Default CPU Name confusion - Celeron SU2300

    I am looking at purchasing a small netbook/laptop (either a Gateway or Acer model) that says it has an "Intel® Celeron® Processor SU2300" in it, which I believe is one of the newer CULV models. I want to get a sense of the speed, but I can only find an "Intel u2300" listed here, which seems to be really fast (relative to other netbooks)! How can I know if it is the same processor? If not, how can I find out the actual speed of a Celeron SU2300? Thanks!

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    My guess is the Intel named the chip the U2300 internally (inside the chip) but the marketing department in Intel use another name.

    I think they are probalby the same chip. But we'll check and update the charts on our web site if required.

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    We have concluded that the U's are in fact SU's and have changed the name in the charts appropriately.

    The fact that the 2300 is outperforming the higher models seems to be due a disproportionately high number of the baselines being taken on 64-bit systems thereby inflating the score.

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