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    The one thing I would like to see is what other specific hardware (brands, models) do these other computers have that I compare in the program besides the processors and OS systems. The way this test works it would really give us a fantastic bang for the buck side by side analysis in similar systems! I would pay extra for that feature because it would save me money in the long run. What do ya think?

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    The current version of PeformanceTest (V4.0) displays information about the O/S, CPU, Disk, File system, RAM and video card.

    Version 5 of PerformanceTest will add BIOS information, Motherboard information, additional RAM info, AGP speed, and information about on-board devices (like built in network and sound cards).

    Sometimes it is just not technically possible to get brand and model numbers for some devices. Either the information is not available from the O/S and / or hardware vendors don't make the interface specifictions available.