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Script for server testing?

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  • Script for server testing?

    I'd like to test some servers and do not want Graphics results included. I took the sample script and simply removed G2D, CD, and some other stuff. But I was wondering if anybody had any tips or improvements on effective server testing? I'm basically trying to compare various server models with virtualized instances. Thanks!

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    What you are doing makes sense.
    One some servers GPU performance is important (e.g. workstation style machines, or cloud servers like the Amazon Accelerated Computing Instances).

    Other tips.
    - Ideally the physical machines would be completely idle when the tests are running
    - Make sure you test the hard drive you want (if it isn't the default)
    - Do several test runs and take the average or the max.
    - VMs can give strange results. Especially for disk tests where you are see strange caching effects


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      Thanks for the reply. These are almost solely file/application servers where GPU performance isn't needed. I've added in the D, E, etc drives of servers where I am interested in the performance of their respective RAID or LUN subsystems. And that is a great point regarding the caching effect. In addition to Passmark, I have some real-world file and folder copy scripts that simulate a few large files and lots of smaller files.Thanks again for the advice!