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SSD and HDD Benchmarks

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  • SSD and HDD Benchmarks

    Any chance you could separate these into two different categories? Would make things more accurate.

    Sorry if this was suggested before, and double sorry for my lazyness D:

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    Don't have the data to reliably do the split. So we would need to do it by hand at the moment. Which would be rather slow with the 1000s of different models we have in the chart.

    We will have the (most) of the data with the next major release of PerformanceTest however.


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      Any updates on this request? I think it's quite important to differentiate between the two as there is a significant price/size difference between them.


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        Differentiation is possible at the moment, you can just look up model number to see the specs for the drive. It is just a bit tedious.

        But new charts based on PerformanceTest V8 data should be up on the site within the next two weeks.