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Downloaded and burned V5, but actually have only V4.3.6 on CD?

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  • Downloaded and burned V5, but actually have only V4.3.6 on CD?

    I'm confused. I downloaded the zip file that said V5 and burned it to CD. But when I run Memtest86, I only have V4.3.6 on the CD? Is there an error with the zip file for V5?
    I downloaded the free version by the way.


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    The V5 download also includes V4 of the software. The MemTest86 V5 image supports dual booting (UEFI & old style BIOS).

    On machines that don't support UEFI, the older V4 BIOS release of MemTest86 will be automatically booted.


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      Just today downloaded Memtest 86 V.5 for a new build. Asus H87M-Plus. UEFI interface. New Bios that works with mouse etc. and all seems to function as it should. BUT, Memtest runs as V.4.3.6 and not as V.5.

      Did I miss something?



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        Yes, you need to bring up the boot menu. The key for this varies between machines (often F8 or F12)

        It will look something like this,

        Then you need to pick the UEFI: device.
        Also for newer machines, there is no reason to use a CD. Booting from USB is faster and allows for a log file to to written out.


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          OK, Thanks - will try that.

          Did I see in the instructions that the UEFI version cannot remap itself? and, if so, is the V.4 then a better choice ?