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No CPU temp monitoring for Intel Gen 7

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  • No CPU temp monitoring for Intel Gen 7

    We have recently noticed that there is no activity for CPU temp monitoring using the built-in BITP monitors for any of the Intel Gen. 7 CPU's. Will this be updated in the next public release? We have confirmed that data is collected using the free and open source software, Open Hardware Monitor, but since this is not an option to use as a third party monitoring tool, we have to rely on the technicians to manually open this and watch as testing is performed.

    Just for reference, I have temp data collected for all Intel CPU's up to and including Gen 6, but all Gen 7 data is blank for all of the i-series. I believe that Intel has recently, or is at least planning to, restructure their naming convention for their CPU's once again.

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    The way the temperatures are read from the CPU information has likely changed with the next generation so there will need to be some updates made in our system information collection library. There will be a new release early next year that should included these changes.


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      Hi, Is there any update on a fix for temperature monitoring for Kaby Lake i5 / i7 CPU's?


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        There hasn't been a new BurnInTest release yet with the updated system library.

        There is a build of PerformanceTest available ( that uses the same (updated) system library as BurnInTest to collect the temperatures so if you wanted to test if it returns a CPU temperature that should indicate the temperatures will be ok in the next BurnInTest release.